World class technology specialist with 25+ years of experience in the ICT industries, Dr. Ramesh Caussy created Partnering Robotics in 2007 with an ambitious goal: to develop a robot that takes care of people and the environment.
The company now totals 30 people (including 9 women) – PhDs, Engineers, MBAs – gathered together by the same vision and “share to win” motto.
Diverse, knowledgeable and passionate, Partnering Robotic’s team is multicultural and includes various profiles such as IT, AI, electronics, sociology and international business.
It succeeded in creating a Made in France disruptive technology dedicated to well-being and energy efficiency, and that keeps Humans at the center of the robotic.

“Partnering Robotics embodies diversity in business. I’ve worked in major companies, in very fast-growing markets in the field of innovation. To realize my dream – creating a robot – I wanted to surround myself with talents from diverse backgrounds, men and women. Every year since 2007, new staff members have joined us. It is a venture, and so far, a collective success!”
– Ramesh Caussy

Ethics and technology
should never be separated

From his childhood in the Mauritian Islands, Dr. Ramesh Caussy has always been passionate about new technologies. The French-Mauritian, of Indian origins, became a world class technology specialist after 25+ years of experience in the ICT industries.

Ramesh graduated with a PhD in Management Technology & Economics (Ecole Polytechnique, FR) and an Executive MBA (ESCP Europe). He worked in both Europe and the US for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Alcatel or 3com, directing services and projects of various fields (R&D, Product, Business Dev. and strategy). He majorly contributed to technological breakthroughs throughout the years, working on the development and release of major innovations such as XDSL, Connected Palm, Photonics network or the Intel Connected TV platform.

Dr. Ramesh Caussy is also the proud Chairman of Robo’ethics, an Industrial Excellence Chair on Service robotics developed by Grenoble INP Foundation.

Partnering Robotics, a rewarded company

Most promising technology for India (Delhi, IND), Oxygen Awards (Paris, FR), Delhi Global R&D Summit Award (Delhi, IND), French Best Entrepreneurs Innovation trophy, GOPIO International World Entrepreneur Award, Concours Lépine (Silver Medal), Prize of the French Ministry of Foreign Policy, Prize IoT La Poste IoT, PM’Up 2016, 2017 HeloPitch by Lockheed Martin Ventures…


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