Partnering Robotics introduces the Diya One X, the world first well-being robot, 100% Made in France.

Intelligent, mobile and autonomous, Diya One X provides healthier workplaces and living areas for all.
Building on the success of its predecessor, the robot Diya One, Diya One X is the worldwide first robot dedicated to the well-being of the building’s occupants.

Diya One X’s new services allow you to enjoy a new experience in indoor atmospheres.

Diya One X measures 24/7 the factors related to environmental well-being

Well-being is not an option anymore in today’s workplace. 97% of managers believe their employees’ wellbeing is a strategic concern for companies (Malakoff Médéric study, 2017)
Diya One X improves people’s well-being so the indoor environment becomes a new lever of performance.

Illustration Diya One X
Diya One X in real time

Diya One X, a certified innovation dedicated to well-being

Diya One X’s design and ethical statements promote France’s industrial come back with highly technological products.
100% designed and manufactured in France, Diya One X has successfully passed thorough electrical, electromagnetic, software and physical security tests.

Priority to safety

18 months of hard work later, Partnering Robotics is proud to announce that as of today, Diya One X is the only service robot with a CE marking. Ahead of competition, Diya One X guarantees strong electromagnetic, electric, physical and software security. Thus, it is perfectly safe for the interactive robot to evolve in living and working environments.

Diya One X security well-being robot
Origine France Garantie

Diya one x, the first 100% french robot

Entirely designed and made in France, on the premises of a French AI model, Diya One X is the first robot worldwide to receive the prestigious “Origine France Garantie” certification.
The “OGF” stamp is the only independent and recognized certification that guarantees the origin and traceability of French products.

Diya Dock

Diya Dock is a unique and scalable charging station.

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Diya One X, the well-being robot

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