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Marguerite® is an autonomous and connected indoor air quality solution that takes care of your health. By adapting to the types of pollution encountered in the environment, Marguerite® is capable of improving indoor air efficiently. In just a few minutes, Marguerite® analyses and fixes the indoor air in large rooms.

Marguerite® provides unique indoor air monitoring and efficient air cleaning, thanks to its H13+ air filtration system, its dense network of sensors (COVT, O3, PM 2.5, CO2, HR, T, Luminosity), and its decision-making algorithms. The high-performance air filtration system (H13+ filters) allows the efficient elimination of ultra-fine particles, ozone, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are the main causes of most respiratory pathologies such as pneumonia, COPD (Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease), and even lung cancer.

Indoor air data collected by Marguerite® are stored on a secured cloud platform that guarantees the confidentiality of data specific to the building and its use. The Marguerite® connected module is linked to an application available on a smartphone for personalized real-time control.

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The stand-alone module Marguerite® can be used in tandem with the anti-pollution robot Diya One X that is also developed by Partnering Robotics. When used together, Marguerite and Diya One X can provide treatment of interior spaces of several hundred square meters. When deployed together, Marguerite® and Diya One X technologies offer a high-level air treatment while monitoring the local pollution levels of large indoor spaces (office, reception room/lobby, healthcare facility…). During events such as particulate or molecular peak pollution, Diya One X can preventively activate Marguerite® and adapt the treatment’s intensity.

Indoor air quality is a complex subject on which expert scientific validation is necessary to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of the results. To this end, Partnering Robotics has mandated the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) to evaluate the measurement and air treatment qualities of Marguerite® in its laboratories. Therefore, the performances of Marguerite® are validated by the CSTB, according to its criteria of excellence. Tests carried out show that Marguerite® clears the air of particulate pollution 45x faster than the natural decrease phenomenon. And it clears the air of ozone-related pollution 35x faster than the natural decrease phenomenon.

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