Robotics for people

Partnering Robotics’ core value has always been driven by the idea that robotics must benefit Humans, the society – with job creations –, and earth itself. From the creation of the company by Dr. Ramesh Caussy, Partnering Robotics aims to promote socially responsible innovations.

Based on the idea that Humans must stay at the center of the innovation process, Partnering Robotics advocates for a robotics designed to offer sustainable services to people’s well-being and environment.

Neuro-inspired, the open robotic platform Diya One performs functions that could not be achieved by Humans. Non-substitutive, Diya One also offers non-humanoid interactions and design. It is a worldwide innovation.

As great as they can be, technological breakthroughs raise hope, enthusiasm but also concerns. Strongly standing behind the principles that drive Partnering Robotics’ innovations, Dr. Ramesh Caussy became the proud Chairman of Robo’Ethics, an Industrial Excellence Chair on Ethics in Service Robotics, developed by Grenoble INP Foundation.

As a socially conscious researcher, he believes that it is indeed his responsibility to promote ethics at the core heart of the innovation process.

81% of respondents trust Diya One.